100 followers , I will help you.

Ansuman Bhujabal
2 min readDec 14, 2021


People helped me, now it’s the time to pay back.

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

2021 is about to end and you still have not got 100 followers. Whatever the reason might be. I will help you and try my best to reach you 100 before this end of the year.

Because don’t you think when a year changes it’s digit , organization also changes their terms and condition and nothing surprise Medium will. What if it sets 1000 followers instead of 100 followers in 2022 as eligibility criteria for Medium partner program.

Then think, how hard and time taking it will be for you to reach their criteria. Now still time is there and I am willing to help you to achieve your dream. You have to do few things to make this effort fulfill.

  1. Comment in this articles , by the time you read this there will be previous comments of other people who also want 100 followers . And you need to reply them and ask them for follow for follow back in a gentle way.
  2. Follow me and leave a comment , I will follow you back for sure. And you will be on an advantage to get your article and profile recommended to a large number of readers.
  3. For more result , mention me in your article if possible . I will go there and comment on each of them with 30 claps as appreciation .
  4. What you need more to do is do the all things that I have mentioned above with these 2 articles , It will help you more as there are already many comments and people.

Do contact me on Twitter for more help. I am always willing from my side.

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