100 followers, let’s come together….

Ansuman Bhujabal
2 min readNov 8, 2021


Are you still trying to get 100 followers?

Are you still waiting for the medium partner program?

Do you want to make a fan following on medium?

If yes, then you are at the right place and this is your opportunity to make your dream come true.

Well, you might have seen people talking about following back for following.

Have you ever wondered how this works and how much effort you have to put on your side?

Well meet Joe Mertens on Medium https://medium.com/Joe Mertens

He has said in his story how he achieved over 200 followers in just one month.

I have a few suggestions from my side that worked for me and I wish will work for you.


You know what Twitter is a very powerful weapon for medium writers.

First, share all your work on Twitter instantly after publishing on medium.

Use #medium and find the users who have used it in the last hours and then clap on their writing after reading them and leave a lovely comment if possible. Then follow them.

By doing so, your chance of getting a follow back is quite high.


Search 100 followers on the medium search bar . You will find many articles.

Read them and leave a beautiful comment with your little introduction and do mention you will follow back every people.

People like you will automatically find us and follow you.

Sample - Hello X, your writing is truly inspiring. It made me write a comment about your work. My self Y, I write about blah blah blah. I would love to follow each beautiful people who will follow me.

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Before following any writer on the medium do read what they write. Maybe you can find ideas for your next story.

Proof that it works

Do follow me, and comment .I will follow every person.

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