Who says…..

Who says……

Hey, you returned. Nice , have a seat . So, where was I . Oo , I got it .

This is a story , sorry , was a story of a 17 year old Indian girl , named “Shree” . A girl studying in rural a college.

Like any other teenager girl , she was also very sensitive , very ambitious and excited at the stage of life . She was living a normal and happy life , until everything changed with her father’s sudden death due to Corona in 2020.

It has been 8 years since being in love with Rivek , since childhood days . He has supported her in every manner.

It is 2037 this year. And I have become old also. My teeth has fallen. Wrinkles has spread like crisscross throughout my face. The face, that once melted many beau ties'. And in these past year, I have also developed a habit of talking out of topic.

Let's get back....

So, On 2021 September 15 Shree's old friends arranged a get together party. A party near sea shore, 10 friends including Rivek also. Every one was happy, everything was delicious and fascinating.

But she noticed some thing weird in the behavior of Rivek. Rivek, was very sensitive and fragile in terms of emotions. Rivek started crying suddenly and laughing at same time. That cry, that was not a normal cry. It seemed like someone crying in frustration. Seeing his condition, his friends took him to near by hospital and everything became well.

You know what, I have very good knowledge in medical and I know many dark secrets of the medical industry. You know, they can fake a person’s heart beat after his death, it’s just matter of some injections and alternation in machines.

You may believe or not believe it's up to you. But, not every one knows this fact, that's why it is secret.(same boring punchline).

Rivek, became quite different from that day and he started to remain silent many times. He was a deep thinker and boring person, so no one noticed what was wrong with him. There are some things that can only felt by victim itself.

It's 2037, India has changed completely. Now car runs with Carbon dioxide, many ports of Tamil Nadu, Paradip have been drowned in the sea. Many countries have vanished in past years, including many giants making fight between countries to sell their weapons. Many social media giants have been devastated by the anonymous and many other groups, including a giant company for selling people's data.

Rivek felt like he got a secret message from Shree's father.

First he thought it was his over thinking. But, later he realized that the message could be a truth also.

It was 2035, when Shree met a road accident. She was severely injured and admitted. to hospital. There is no Public hospital now. Medical industry is fully privatized.

Something happened there, apart from Shree's death. Rivek filed a case against the hospital, unfortunately lose that case also.

The message from Shree's father to Rivek was something like this.

My soul left my body immediately after I was trans ferred to ICU, they faked all the things to take extra money.

Same also happened with Shree's situation. But, this time Rivek found the truth and opposed them. Filed case, but they tried closed the matter by pressurizing the police. But, Rivek clung to his decision.

People called Rivek, greedy and said that he is making all these drama not to pay the money spent on Shree's treatment.

Every thing is changed in society in these years, people evolved. But still law and order is corrupted. People show more interest in other's problem to make fun of them. Still people are uneducated literate. Still pseudo feminist slaps innocent man. Still people blame dressing sense for rape.

The case was going on in court till yesterday, Rivek lost the case. Ya, still Justice takes years and sometimes doesn't come also.

With these, I am ending my life today, ya, still people commit suicide.

Wait, tell who I am. It's up to you, you have to imagine and guess. I won't force you to draw a hill, sun and river to draw on sheet , draw from your own thoughts.

Thank you for reading

Image source- Pinterest .

Ansuman Bhujabal.



18 years who writes unbelievable tales from his weird thoughts https://linktr.ee/ansumanbhujabal https://www.instagram.com/__ansumaan1__/ https://www.quora.com/

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